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a vision of byzantium–a fragment

24 January 2010

The Sun shone in Byzantium;
Bright rays of morn struck the Golden Horn
And in the palace of the Emperor
Organic being sat enthroned.
The glory of empires,
God housed under St. Wisdom’s dome
Fitting all to the heavenly hierarchy
By the descent of the Dove alone.
Pure love of pure blood,
The Paraclete changed and exchanged in the veins
Of patrician and peasant alike.
O dawn of crimson beauty
In victory thy champions sing
Of substantial glories in forms of stories,
And the King above all high kings…

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  1. 25 January 2010 15:20

    I leave for a day or two and return to such a treasure of blog posts!

    This one is special. It needs to be thought over, and right now my mind is throbbing from all the input. But ask me what I think later, and if I’d forgotten to ponder, I will be glad to remember to do so.

    • 25 January 2010 22:09

      Well, thank you very much! I wonder what you think makes this one so special? I confess, it was just a few lines scribbled in the back of a notebook from last thursday night’s ethics class.

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