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3 February 2010

tears so hot like acetylene torches
burn like acid rivers down my face
flames of smoldering hatred drown
in smiles i can’t erase
to know that i should hate you
but all i hate now is myself
for the lies i believed
the treatment i received
for thinking that you were what you said;
tears stream down in loneliness
depression covers my bed
for the days where i loved you and hated me
and the days where i loved me and hated you
but there is nothing else
nothing to do but erase the pain
of thinking this is who i am
when this is not how i’m supposed to be:
damn you, damn your lies
damn my sickening, weakling cries
over my shattered image of your love, obscene.

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  1. 5 February 2010 14:04

    beautiful emotions,
    I feel hurt when someone close lies too,
    you can not change people, but u can educate yourself to be cool,
    ignore those negative thoughts, stay positive and be happy, 😉

  2. 5 February 2010 15:06

    Thanks for commenting jingle.

    While this one is a bit on the ’emo’ side of things, I’d like to think (of course I would, right..) that this one has more to it than just a display of emotions and hurt; if passionate displays of emotions are ever ‘beautiful’ I think it’s because they have a kind of tragic pathos to them–and human beings, for some strange reason, have a fascination with tragedy. Maybe that’s why Dante called his journey through Hell the Divine Comedy…sort of like a cosmic joke.

    Regardless, although I hate comparing myself to the Imagists (who I largely cannot stand and think they ruined poetry forever), I do think that poetry is, sometimes, like a snapshot in the life of the speaker; and, while snapshot photos can be very revealing, they do not tell a story. At best, this is a momentary indulgence in a feeling of sorrow and ruthless betrayal…but it also deals with thematics that occur time and again here at discountverbiage: one of which is the problem of dealing with reality, when so much of what we think is the ‘real world’ is just images inside our heads.

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