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the illusion of depth

11 February 2010

a teaspoon made of glass
or clear acrylic
creates the illusion of depth
but there is only noise and confusion;
perhaps unable to drown
in such a shallow depth…
but irritation-asphyxiation
can be just as deadly…

but it is from Light that we receive Light
and, all human refractory indices aside,
perhaps there is something there,
something more illusive, perhaps,
than a clear teaspoon full of murky water
can explain…

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  1. 11 February 2010 10:01

    thoughtful. i like the poem

  2. 11 February 2010 15:33

    Depth, depth…. I still find myself confused by the quick switch from clear shallowness – to light – to murky water, but finally came to conclude that we look at ourselves for something that isn’t present, but all around us is the depth we thought to find in ourselves, and it reflects off the surface we peer into if we are but willing to notice.

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