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23 February 2010

Ever and always do I choose
The Path that leadeth me far from Thee
Suffering the whims of a pagan muse
With frightful, chilled depravity;
O Thou who only art, Thou who alone can be
Sensation slippeth from intellect
And the Tyrant grows in the heart of me.
Why looketh I upon things so suspect,
That deriveth being only from Thee,
As a source of my own inspiration–
Bringing only, in the end, desperation?

Thus shall it ever be, when Thou leavest me to myself.

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  1. 23 February 2010 16:41

    We all choose that path, even when we know it leads only to desperation. That’s why He had to do something about it.

    This poem is like looking in a mirror.

  2. 25 February 2010 13:46

    Well, I think the process of salvation means learning not to choose that path; or, realizing while you’re on it, you need to turn around and go the other way. Sometimes, this comes down to the most simple of things. Do I keep the tv on, or turn it off and pray? Do I stay online, or log off and go read something spiritually profitable? Do I keep the radio/ipod on, or turn it off and try to reconcile myself to the ultimate silence where God is heard? Do I eat what’s left on my plate, or do I stop myself from being satisfied by food so that I remember my hunger for the Bread of Life? And on and on it goes, as these tiny attempts at asceticism humble the flesh and bring us closer to the presence of God. At which, I epically fail–as evidenced here.

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