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The Cliffs of Dun Angus

27 February 2010

I’ve been to the Cliffs at Dun Angus
And walked the ramparts of the old hill-fort,
Watched, as the falcons fly from their nests
At the sunset off Ireland’s western shore.

Where Celts of old stood have I strolled
And gazed out upon the stony hills and rocky rills
That pile the land up before the cliffs
And plunge into the Atlantic’s wine-dark deep.

I stood at the edge of Dun Angus
And looked out Westward, toward the beach
Of ancient, pearly sands in Faerie-lands
Far, far across the sad breach of time.

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  1. 28 February 2010 14:04

    I’ve never been there, physically, but
    I have now walked the cliffs of Dun Angus.

  2. 28 February 2010 20:38

    Thanks Glynn! It’s a beautiful, lonely place…the last, westernmost point of Europe.

  3. Justin permalink
    28 February 2010 20:42

    Dude you totally recaptured what it was like being there. When are we going back?

    • 2 March 2010 14:28

      I’d love to go back to the Arans. Hard to believe that was almost 6 years ago, isn’t it?

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