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midnight cravings

5 March 2010

when the dust settles, the sweat cools,
and the mouth is dry and parched
the lack washes over again
because the chemical bliss
is over; neurons lack a clear charge
and the endorphin rush
dumps you into a pit of despair
and loneliness
and depression

i have a confession;
destructive and destroying, sure
it is, but
there are times
when that
does not
seem to

mad as a hatter and buttering the clock
moving down, moving down
and teatrays twinkle in the skies
while rough sandpaper skin
rubs slowly across reddened eyes
and all i can do is despise
this weakness and desire
and whisper halting little cries

prayers for relief

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  1. 5 March 2010 08:38

    cool poem.
    interesting thougts

  2. Charles Mubula Mopho permalink
    5 March 2010 13:55

    There is more to life than what we are seeing and only through Jesus Christ that we can so the way God the Father sees it. When we put human way to how God the Father sees it we miss it.
    But Jesus Christ ou helper gets it right for us, so get connected to Jesus.

    • 5 March 2010 15:15

      Thanks for the perspective, Charles. You’ll find (if you explore some of the others on the theme, and other posts here) that I am dead certain that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life–and the only source of forgiveness and the hope of salvation. That doesn’t stop failings and fallings. St. John Climacus said “Are you surprised that you fall every day? Always remember to get up.” The transformative power of Christ is not a magic-button that one pushes and, suddenly, consequences for previous bad choices go away; we have to live with the consequences of free will. But we have to trust that He will not leave us or forsake us when we call on Him, even if we leave and forsake Him all the time.

      • Charles Mubula Mopho permalink
        5 March 2010 15:34

        Falling could not be any thing to the maker who made man perfect, was there inperfection in man that it has the first fall?. Did God put inperfection in the man He made in His image?,is there any inperfection in God, if man is God image how did man fell. Not to worry about what has been revel to us, God call us to repentance only those who fail to repent should be punished. Yes we keep on falling not delebrate that could seck to raise to fall no more…………..

  3. 5 March 2010 14:57

    Sharp, like a knife, this one cuts through the bulging scab and allows yellow liquid and puss to dribble out … a relief and painful at the same time.

    • 5 March 2010 15:15

      This is so very descriptive of the exact feeling. It’s been a rough week….

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