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Taliessin and the Emperor’s Daughter

6 March 2010

The bells called all to the vesperal mass;
Angels and saints and ministers of grace
Flood the imperial church, streaming in
With bearded, black robed monks
In the Byzantine fashion; they chanted hymns
To the Word enfleshed,
To the Mother of God,
To the Spirit, and the descent of the Dove,
Once given and forever extended
Raising all by the power of Love
Divine and transcendent.

Taliessin knelt near the imperial family;
The weight of the verses chanted
Strained against the ache of his muscles
And in the low, prostrated state
He felt the great glory of the moment
As the patriarch proclaimed “Wisdom!”

Taliessin’s mind fixed on the form of the word;
The cross, the tomb, the resurrection, the return
And the intermingling communion of all who receive
The Body and The Blood, baptized believers all
Who become the One Body, the One Loaf–
And so in theological mediation Taliessin sang
Coming to the light of Christ’s glory
Through the reflected light off Sophia’s crown.
Upon leaving, the Emperor’s daughter
Turn’d round and looked a moment upon the poet
And smiled; Taliessin bowed.
The Llogrian poet revered Wisdom’s icon
As all the bells of the city fell silent till morn.

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