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the night

16 March 2010

the night is dark, and terrors walk
in the shadowy  hours between
the twilight and the dawn;
the stars circle wildly overhead
and in the end, we wonder
is there any order here?

the night is dark, the candle’s bright
and in the warm, flickering light
we chant ancient prayers
hymns composed ages ago
to honor He who is the Light
and we know His presence here.

the night is dark, but soon the morn
will come with blazing beauty
so that at the setting of the sun
we need fear no foes
for the deepest, moonless nights fade away
at the coming of the day.

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  1. 16 March 2010 03:45

    As others have said, “It’s Friday. But Sunday’s coming.” This is fine work, sir, very fine work indeed.

    • 16 March 2010 12:35

      Once again, you are too kind, Glynn. Thank you for the compliment.

      This one was inspired by the singing of the vesperal hymn “Phos Hilaron” which I only know in English by way of translation from Slavonic:

      O Gladsome Light of the Holy Glory
      of the Immortal Father,
      Heavenly, Holy, Blessed Jesus Christ!
      Now that we have come to the setting of the sun
      and behold the light of evening,
      we praise God Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
      For meet it is at all times to worship Thee with voices of praise.
      O Son of God and Giver of Life,
      therefore all the world doth glorify Thee.

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