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standing before judgment

19 March 2010

Once again I come before judgment
Standing here, vexed and perplexed,
And doubting all that has been,
All that is, and all that may yet be.

Sorrow and grief tug at the heart of me
As tears fall softly into the salty sea
From my carven face, the mask-like
Skin-tight displacement of emotion

falls out into the ravenous, raging ocean.

These problems are, and they will ever be
For me, for them, for everything
Yet in these moments of quiet despair
I reach into the Infinite, and feel there Your care
Succoring me, suckling me, shielding me,
Preventing me from making rash decisions
That I will live to regret.

From that boon, a grace, the love of ancient days
I breed a romantic shield of chivalry
That (though papery) shall be my ward
Against all ills, and through Love shall I
Be adored, by adoring Love in immortal Form.

Tame within my breast the savage wyrm
That writhes and coils about my heart
Within me stay as I depart
Trapping within me virtue, driving out my scorn.

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  1. 19 March 2010 21:41

    That savage wyrm tries to strangle all of our hearts. Fine one, sir.

  2. 20 March 2010 14:10

    Thank you! And yes, yes…the wyrm in the heart and the wolf within the mind play terrible games with us all…

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