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i dreamed of you again last night

20 March 2010

O Fair, ever to you do the thoughts of the heart turn.
The sunrise, the crisp-chill air of the last days of winter,
The sounds of morning-birds singing their songs,
Calls to mind the beauty of your memory,
Flashes of sudden inspiration and joy in the moment;
Wonderment has its price, as we dearly know,
And though we in our dreams do wander freely–
You and I and hand in hand–
When waking, I remember only your shadow,
The roughest possible sketch of your form
Which, were I but able, I would adorn
In life as in dreams with kisses and golden rings
And all other symbols of my love;
For it is that love, the memory thereof,
That kindles the thought of you in my waking mind
On these bright beautiful mornings
Where I cannot help thinking of you,
And wondering if you I shall ever find.

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