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the chief of fools

24 March 2010

a restless, sleepless night
punctuated with thoughts of you
and an ephemeral desire
that pales in comparison
to living water or paracletic fire
and waking to discover
a broken cross around my neck;
if all the fools from forever,
from Shangri-La to Carbonek
were all lined up and arrayed
surely i would have a place
sitting at the head of their table–
for falling in love with a dream
something that is not and has no being
and setting the idleness of passionate,
longing desire for Love above
the concerns to which my heart must attend…
thus it is that i am unable
to go on this way, and must bring
our dubious, evening affair to its end.

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  1. 24 March 2010 20:29

    “Our dubious, evening affair” — while I like the ending, my hope is that this keeps going. I don’t think the story is over yet.

  2. 26 March 2010 03:56

    You’re probably right! And of course I’m torn over it too…

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