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the necessity of confession

25 March 2010

ever choosing the less over the greater
chronically incapable of ordering the self
the dark horse leads, comfortably supreme,
leaving poor Reason overwhelmed
caught between the anvil of depression
and the hammer of desire,
forging the chains, link by link by link
that clatter and click as i in disasters sink
once again…

and only Thou can pull my feet out of the snare

but only if I try to come to You there.

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  1. veritasxlogos permalink
    26 March 2010 14:25

    Nice used of the I/thou distinction. Wether deliberate or not, the lower case i in one place and the capital Thou in the next line is great work.

    The nature of a hidden G-d drives reason absolutely mad. The necessity that such a powerful being must be somewhat concealed while constantly revealing Himself shows our greatest weakness, our inability to conceptualize the good, and perhaps even abuse it. G-d of all people knows our ability to forge prison chains with the best intent in mind.

    Yet all truth is reasonable. Yet reason cannot lead us alone to truth.

    Good work here. Peace be with you.


    • 26 March 2010 14:57

      And also with you!

      Thanks very much for the kind words here on this one. Your response reminded me of a few lines from Charles Williams “Bors to Elayne: On the King’s Coins”:

      Might may take symbols and folly take treasure,
      and greed bid God, who hides himself for man’s pleasure
      by occasion, hide himself essentially […]

      But even if God’s nature is ultimately completely transcendent and other, at least He chooses to reveal Himself to us through His energetic activities. And those energetic operations are as much Him as His essence, so we need not be too torn by His ultimate unknowability. He is known because He chooses to make Himself known to us. The great irony is that we, instead of taking the freedom offered by Him in Him choose instead to chain ourselves to ourselves–the ultimate in hellish self-adoration.

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