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the eternal champion

27 March 2010

This one is inspired by my re-reading of the Chronicles of Elric, the last emperor of Melniboné, by Michael Moorcock. Normally anti-heroes aren’t my preference, but there is something just so compelling about Elric that I can’t help love him…

the earth writhes in Chaos
as a champion is forged
from blood and steel
and fire and sword
to do the work that must be done,
stemming the tide of flames
that run, bleeding the death
of mankind in the sun
as all, at last, is hell on earth–
and our great hero, a man
of no great worth,
a creature of Chaos himself
destroying himself and his masters
all for the sake
of the chance to have real men
live one day in an age
not tainted by sorcery or a demon’s rage.

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  1. 27 March 2010 02:42

    Being somewhat on the ignorant side when it came to Michael Moorcock and his Chronicles, I looked him up. Your poem sparked an interest, so now I have to decide: Read him or rely on your poems? (Either way, it sounds like I win.)

  2. 29 March 2010 13:34

    Glynn, you should read them. The writing is not always the most stellar, but, there is something wonderful in the character…the kind of wonder you have at being able to feel sympathy for someone who, in your usual sensibilities, you would find loathsome. Thanks for the compliment on the poem; I don’t normally do straight homage like this, but…like I said, lately, Elric and I seem more on the same page than ever before.

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