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the playground

31 March 2010

idle hands, the devil’s playground
and idle minds…far, far worse
for in the dark moments before the dawn
the enraptured heart is captured
with fantasy and flights of fancy–
and regret, oh yes, regret–
and longing for something that
while pleasant in the idleness of dreams
could just possibly be
a total and complete

then where does that lead?
like refusing to eat
because the imaginary dessert is so sweet–
forgetting to live,
because the dream is so beautiful and so real…

in the these dark, terrible moments before the dawn
sitting and wondering where, really where
do these maddening thoughts come from
it hits me

welcome to the playground.

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  1. 31 March 2010 01:07

    Your poetry is pretty interesting.
    I can identify.

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