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eth and thorn

12 April 2010

the difference between this and that
so subtle a distinction lost
in the thundrous theatrics of this
modern language, its thinking
confused from modes of speech
divorced from thinking and thoughts
more nuanced with differences
like thistles on a bush
or thankless orisons voiced
by thousands of monks
on the mountain of Athos.

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  1. 12 April 2010 01:40

    Bah, I went and looked it up because I was bewildered. And now I know more than I wanted to about a practically extinct letter…

    • 12 April 2010 13:50

      LOL Maybe I should have named this one Ye Olde Eth and Thorne.

    • 12 April 2010 16:53

      And, btw, that’s exactly what I wanted to happen Karen 😉

      • 12 April 2010 18:28

        Ah, yes… I was particularly susceptible to that trap… *sighs*

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