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27 April 2010

Oh pale knight, your life is haunted
By griefs of gaurded memory, vaunted
And lauded are your flaws, and the claws
Of vanity and pride swallow you in the maw
Where hell laughs and yawns;
And, flattery! Oh how he fawns
Over your every word, and praises
To the skies even your lies–it raises
More questions, stil more, ever more,
Standing at the edge of the door
Where all the world is but a stage
But at the end of the day, a cage
Is really what it is; and what is this
But the promise of death, the serpent’s kiss,
Envenomed elixir pumping through the veins
Where each and every day, it stains
The honor of your name, pale knight,
And each moment routs and puts to flight
The clear, well-intentioned, reasoned sanity
Of your stated position; vanity of vanties!
All is vanity!

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