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10 May 2010

where words fail, the heart tells
a different tale, and subtly, subtly
the vista changes; views shift
and the invisible labyrinth traps
within it all who wander in
like a deadly spider in webs
of gossamer adamantine

and so the bells sing, calling
the faithful to the mass–
yet the future is dim, certainies
(still held, still believed)
divided by the needs and demands
of the beautiful and the pleasant;
schizophrenic wounds rip and gape

how can it go on? and how can it end,
when ending is unthinkable?
where words fail, when the heart is diseased,
every tiny moment is a pleasure
and every pleasure a fissure
bringing everything, ultimately, to death–
where all is darkness, all is violence

and everything is vanity, or else vainglory.

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  1. 10 May 2010 22:40

    When all is vanity, vanity, vanity
    and vainglory steals
    the light from your eyes;
    then is the time
    to turn from the shadows,
    eyes out of self,
    who must be despised.
    There is no inner source
    for law or for virtue,
    no matter how honest
    the mental intent,
    for all that may be
    is already accomplished
    by the only One worthy,
    of holy descent.
    When the light of the eye
    is focused on Jesus
    then the darkness of self
    must die in its glare.
    Clearly the focus
    remains on the shadow
    and gets you nowhere.

    *goes off to blog this*

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