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On Your Return, to JF–A Letter in Verse

28 May 2010

Old Friend, here you are once again
strolling back into my life
when all that we are and all that we were
is blessedly forgotten; what then
to make of your return
(bruised and battered–
I’m sorry, I wish you weren’t,
but did you learn the real lesson
set before you?)
here when I am at the end of my own
rope, so near to giving up hope,
and i know without a doubt that i can’t
take your sorrows on as my own again;
what, then, does that leave us?
Are you ready to be a true friend,
to suffer and ache for me as I for you,
or is it only that, in your moment of despair,
you remembered when I was there,
the person in your life who loved and cared
about you as if you were my own
flesh and blood brother? Or is it some other
desire? You know that you vex and perplex me,
but in the end, that great fire
burning in the flesh will only be quenched
by a return to the cross
that neither of us wishes to ascend.
Old Friend, can you be there for me
and me for you? And what can we do?
Old Friend, God bless you.

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