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7 June 2010

do we even feel its loss, living in the chaos
of modernity, feeling the fleeting futility
knowing that that knowing is useless;
the lack of Romanitas, principles of order
and the reflection of the heavenly hierarchy
iconographically represented in the human sphere,
felt so keenly in the here-and-now
where every little local politician thinks himself a Caesar,
imitating the conquests of Alexander;
disorder, disorder and democracy everywhere
and nowhere and no-when is freedom less
for everywhere there is the sordid mess
of unrestrained madness, libertinism,
fettered with the slavery of our own reason.
do we even feel its loss, the freeing Romanitas,
of peace and order and stability
since we, here on this side of history,
worship the anti-type, the antichrist of self-rule,
while the ancient principle fades from collective memory?

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