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revolving helix

24 June 2010

Damned, the lives live and relive in the deep of the mind
Where a thousand worlds coincide, paradoxes of logical leaps
With untidy centres, worlds forever revolving around
The central wheel, and the mountains smoke at the touch
Of unnamed divinity; nothing escapes the lost serenity,
Remembering the sacrifice of eternal struggle–
Like some new incarnation of John Daker
Destined to live as the sky falls, forever and ever
Into a chaos of geocentricism and ego-worship.
And the vanity and disdain causes all sensation to slip
From the intellect, and in the resulting shipwreck
The tyrant is freed from his restraining bonds;
And in the end, who is The One? Where is the prince that was promised?
Where the glorious, triumphal return of the Truth and the Reality
To eclipse this glorious simulacrum of self-worship and self-doubt?

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  1. 25 June 2010 00:31

    this is excellent.
    I really like it


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