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the west

15 July 2010

if i stand at the door to the west
and stare at its beating heart, in the dark,
swimming in the sea of ceridwen’s brew
where mystical forces work for, then against
the occidental power in the world;
unfurled are the banners of the king,
and the gold-givers and ring-givers
of the world, bound with kinship
(inherent in kingship)
and the traditions of law and culture
each connected to each, before the breach
of modernity cracked forever
poor humpty-dumpty’s egg.

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  1. 17 July 2010 20:43

    The age of post-modernity begins with art works produced in the 1970’s. Postmodern art includes a wide range of mediums: performance pieces, figurations, installations, and digital art…

  2. 20 July 2010 15:14

    Thanks for the history lesson, Virginia, but even if I accept your thesis that post-modernity is something other than modernity (which I do not), the point of this piece was not to talk about art in some kind of Hegelian-dialectic of progression in art-movements, trends, or themes, but rather to be critical of the whole spirit of ‘modernity’ which for most people is synonymous with the Enlightenment, but for me, I’d say the “modern world” (at least in the West) begins with the year 1000 and the Normans in Italy. Then the Norman-papal delegation to Constantinople in 1054. Then papal-backed Norman crusade in England in 1066. And on and on and on.

    History and Art–not so separate as you might like. Thanks for pointing that out.

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