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a merry little trip through mordor

20 July 2010

looking around, i see something
rather sickening, and get that feeling
deep in the pit of my stomach
(the one you get from aircraft turbulence
or too much red curry in your lunch)
about the wrongness of things;
the centre simply cannot hold,
things are disjoint and disjoined
the illusion of seamlessness
because the particles in our heterogeneous mixture
have been reduced, reduced, reduced–
atomized to small for us to see at all,
and everywhere (even a shopping mall)
it seems like sam and frodo’s trip through mordor
choking on the fumes, the bleakness, the desolation
unable to drink the putrid water
or stomach the ash-caked bread
and i wonder: was there something else, instead?
remembering the lives that came before
and the bountiful ages of their forgotten lore
where the bright prince promised so much
(and delivered it, though we’ve forgotten
not only where the treasure is burried
but what the treasure even is)–
yet what we are left with is this
this sick sad sorrow, this desperate hope for change tomorrow
and are willing to sacrifice even our souls
because the path we’re on is so hopeless

and the sad irony is, the real answer is still there
just waiting for us.

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  1. 1markt permalink
    20 July 2010 15:45

    I like this work very much. I would consider it an honor if you would visit and if moved to please leave a comment. I shall return.

  2. 20 July 2010 16:05

    Thank YOU very much for the comment. I am glad you liked this one…I admit I was somewhat nonplussed as it’s a little less like my usual style. Being an antimodernist is hard, especially when you just can’t escape the tropes and tools of modernity (however much you try). But, everyone needs a goal…

    I enjoyed my little visit to your site very much. Please do return. I shall be doing the same.

  3. 20 July 2010 18:18

    “Even a shopping mall.” My wife would tell you that, for me, going shopping is like a trip through Mordor.

    I like this one, sir.

  4. 21 July 2010 05:24

    And, of course, I love this one! I even get the story references! Wow!

    It’s easy to see this Mordor of ours, of course, though there’s always the other side of the view where fresh water flows constantly, ever-available, and the promise is present of a will-be that superimposes reality over what-is until the dust-broken nature of its existence becomes the less-real that it really is.

    • 21 July 2010 15:45

      Very Neo-Platonic and Lewisian. I guess I see now that the “real” Reality is actually here now, we just refuse to see it. Granted, some of us are blinded to it, not knowing the Truth; others see the Truth but find it too hard to follow. Still others see it and run away (St.Matthew 13:1-30). More than that, there is the fact that many are called, but few are chosen–and even among them, there are some who will be lazy and not appear at the Feast with a wedding garment on (St. Matt 22:1-14).

      I am, of course, DELIGHTED that you enjoyed this one (and got the references). ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 21 July 2010 16:00

        Oh, bleh. I hate being compared to philosophers, no matter how much I may agree with them. ๐Ÿ˜› But I guess I’ll forgive you.

        Really, I just do the overcompensation thing when faced with exclusively “negative view.” It is perhaps a flaw when overdone, though I know you understand it … probably better than I think you do.

        neo-platonic??? WHY do you make me study? WHY? I shall have to LEARN something from you, and this makes me THINK! *goes off to see what that hyphenated item means….* ๐Ÿ˜€

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