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desert glass

21 July 2010

a few grains of sand
and the fierce heat
either of volcanic might
or the violent force
of bolts of light
there upon the desert plain
tiny pieces of colored glass
litter the barren ground
like little drops
of crystal rain;
what wonder and glory
this world contains,
upheld and sustained
(despite our disorder)
by the Divine energies
that declare His glory
and proclaim the work
of His hands:
and in this contemplation
of great power, cosmic might,
transcendence that makes
mountaintops smoke, we forget
that He became man
so man could become like Him.


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  1. 22 July 2010 02:25

    Your poem is amazing!!

    • 22 July 2010 14:20

      Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I don’t get “amazing” often–you should be careful or that will go straight to my head.


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