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the folly of believing in limited government

5 August 2010
vast, substantial infamies reek
in darkness, dangers there to seek
and spread across the hallowed ground
and from the sultry fortress a sound
of quaking anger, thund’rous hate
that inspired leaders bait and take
and use to divide, calling it love,
but all the while making a move
(a grab) for more and more and more power;
now, at last, at hand is the hour
when such foolish notions as checks
and balances, limited government, reveal the wrecked
disaster that they are:
for self-regulating, self-policing powers, far
from limiting their own tentacled reach
rather aggradize, centralize, and then breach
the last remnants of true freedom’s purity
in the name of equal justice, protection, and security.

and the vast, substantial infamies reign
over the inglorious hosts of passionate banes.

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  1. 5 August 2010 20:25

    In the reading and writing you do, do you find that life seems to be circular? Other cultures have done what we in our wisdom think will produce a different result.

    Good poem, sir. I just wish it wasn’t so apropo.

    • 6 August 2010 02:29

      I’m not sure if it is circularity or simply re-manifestations of Genesis 3:5 over and over throughout our fallen history. What is particularly unnerving about the current situation in the world (and, for those reading, I am not speaking specifically about the USA, even though this is very applicable to the USA right now) is that the ideologies being spread have been tried by leaders with the same pathologies as the ones we have; and every single time they have been tried, they have failed. No matter what the liberal tradition tells us (and, by and large, everyone in the USA is, politically, a descendant of Enlightenment liberalism, even the so-called conservatives) you cannot change human nature by changing material/social circumstance. It simply cannot be done. So what disturbs me (and makes me look back at Genesis 3:5) is just that I can’t imagine human beings are that stupid; and so I see demonic hands at work directing the “flow” of events. Not that this is really “new” but I think we are seeing demonic power working nakedly in the world as we have not seen since the Christian era began.

      • 6 August 2010 16:29

        Justinian, I’m afraid you are correct. In politics alone, forces are being unleashed that we’re only vaguely aware of. It’s as if you’re required to get a lobotomy if you step foot inside the District of Columbia.

  2. 7 August 2010 00:07

    great poem

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