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Hey Mr. Williams

13 August 2010

Hey Mr. Williams, what would I say to you if I could?
Acknowledging my debt publicly would be a great place to start,
And you’ll always have a place in my heart, but, Mr. Williams
May I ask what you were thinking?
Do you understand this reference–was it the Koolaid you were drinking?
Influential on so many, I realize my contribution is small,
But somehow your mistakes and your failures,
They all seem so completely tragic;
Hey Mr. Williams, looking for Christ through your magic,
Teaching the fact of coinherence, did you realize the contradictions inherent
In your lovely little synthetic synthesis?
Rosicrucian and Heremetic symbols, with a side of Christian mystics,
Secrets and passions perverted, all your values and reasons inverted,
Yet I find myself greatly in your debt;
Did I misunderstand you? Your words were overshadowed, and yet,
I still saw the light through them, but not the light you claimed you could see–
I read of your utopian theurgic Byzantium, but rather embraced its true Orthodoxy…
Hey Mr. Williams, please look up from your cards,
The twilight was in the West, not in the charts of your stars,
You knew the path had to be mystic, you knew the failures of modernity so well,
But your jaunt through the wilds of your internal Broceliande led to the very gates of Hell,
Hey Mr. Williams…I pity you deep in my heart,
Uncertain certainties marred you, right from the start,
Yes Mr. Williams, the truth you sought to create was already there…
Braving the dangers of magic, the dangers of Orthodoxy you couldn’t bear,
Despite it all, I have to say:
Thanks, Mr. Williams.

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