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16 September 2010

Stalking the nights, a little insomnia never hurt anyone
Did it? A little pin-prick of the consciousness,
A nervous tick, a trick of the light moving down the hall,
Shadows surrounding the flicking candle’s light
The golden-glow refectled dimly from the backgrounds of icons
And the representatives of that great cloud of witnesses
Stare passively with active pity and sorrow
For the sins of the sinner kneeling down, at last,
In the frozen prostration of repentence, repeating
Lord, have mercy on me, the sinner–
Coming to himself at the trough with the swine
Praying once agan to dine on the honest bread and wine
Of the body and blood of the Lord;
And to be gloried in the fountain of forgiveness
And He for the compassion of His patience, adored.

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  1. 20 September 2010 07:31

    your poetry is deep
    you are deep
    please tell me
    with a no or a yes
    do you believe in Jesus?

    • 20 September 2010 16:28

      Yes. I had hoped that came through and was evident. Especially considering that the topic of Jesus Christ is one of the most frequently tagged here.

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